Small Miniature Poodle Information

The Small Miniature Poodle loves to have fun, but they can also be very tense and anxious if they feel threatened or nervous.

Bringing a New Puppy home to a family of other animals can be a very nerve-wracking situation for everyone involved. If one animal is used to having the run of a place to himself, he can get confused and even violently defensive when faced with a new intruder in his domain.

Similarly, your new Poodle Puppy will need to get some time to explore and get used to the new environment.

If there's another dog or a cat present, he'll be more focused on what that animal is doing than his surroundings. It's very important to give your pets a proper introduction if they are just meeting each other for the first time.

They probably won't like each other at first, but don't worry – they almost never do! Keep a close eye on what is happening so that you can quickly break up any fights.

Cats in particular can go straight for the eyes and blind your brand new small miniature poodle for life, so be sure you have a Dog First Aid Kit standing by to take care of any scratches.

Cats also need to be able to retreat to an area that the dog does not have access too. Also, be sure to place the cat's food and water in that area, because the cat would rather starve himself than eat in the presence of an unknown invader Miniature Poodle Puppy. The same goes for the litter box.

Cats need places where they can spend time alone and sleep or groom themselves without being on alert. As your cat gets used to your new small miniature poodle, he'll slowly lose the need to retreat to a separate room, and eventually they'll be sleeping beside each other like two old friends.

Two things you never want to do are:

(1) Let the Poodle chase the cat around, and

(2) Try to force them into a meeting.

More often than not this results in the cat getting scared and lashing out. They might take weeks to get accustomed to each other, but it will definitely happen eventually.

To introduce a new Miniature Poodle to another dog, you have to let them figure out who the “leader of the pack” is going to be. When introducing them, be on your guard but allow them to go through the typical ritual of sniffing and greeting.

If anything looks like it might break into a fight, step in immediately and pull the puppy out of the room, and then go back and spend time with your older dog. As he will usually be older, the Miniature Poodle Dog will most likely recognize his superiority. Solidify that impression by feeding the older dog first and greeting him first at the door.

As long as you go about it carefully, you should have no problem introducing a new Miniature Poodle to your current animal residents.

Just take it slow and keep an eye on things until they're comfortable with each other.

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