Standard Poodle Puppies Information

It is important where you buy your Standard Poodle Puppies, as there are many shady breeders.

Bad breeders are typically cheaper, but they end up costing you a lot more money in the end due to the various Dog Health Problems could have.

Not only do you have a chance of getting a puppy with many health problems and having to find quick Dog First Aid solutions, but you are also supporting the breeder with bad ethics.

It can not be stressed enough on how you must do your research on your breeders. You might even have to go out of state to look for a known and reputable guy. Do not let location be your limit as many breeders are happy to ship their Poodle puppies to you. In fact, nowadays there are strict airline requirements that make it safer than ever for your puppy to be flown to you.

Poodle Puppies that are under nine weeks of age should not be sold.

That is one of the first signs that who ever is selling them is a bad owner/breeder. These puppies need to be with their mother till they are nine to twelve weeks old before being transferred to a new home.

Breeders that produce a large amount of other dog breeds can be a bit troublesome. This might not necessarily be bad, but, with other reasons, can be a good indicator of a bad breeder.

It basically means that they might have a hard time giving their full focus on the Poodle Dog Breed you are interested in.

Another example of a bad breeder is a breeder that tries’s to sell you something that is not considered a Standard Poodle. This might not be a big deal to you, but if you are paying top dollar for a purebred dog, it should certainly be verified.

Before buying any standard poodle puppies, you should look up the AKC standard on to see if it matches the requirements and overall look. If you're buying your dog from out of state, then you should call the breeder and ask for the exact details/measurements of the dog. A good breeder will know right off the bat what they are or can quickly guess. A bad breeder wouldn't know or wouldn't even be able to guess.

Breeders who do not even provide pedigrees or health certificates are also a bit sketchy. If there is no sign of any documents then make sure you're not paying high dollars for what seems to be a pure breed.

Same example applies if they haven't registered any of their dogs; you know that it is practically not official. Also, typically you need to sign some sort of contract; if there is no contract involved then chances are they don't care whom they are selling it to.

If your breeder doesn't ask questions, over the phone or in person, you know they don't care whom their puppies go to. Good breeders want to make sure they are selling their standard poodle puppies to good people.

They want to know if you have other dogs, what was your interest in getting this type of Miniature Poodle Dog Breed, and other questions to help get a better feel for what sort of household the puppy will be going to.

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