Standard Poodle Information

The Standard Poodle is about an average size dog. Male dogs typically weigh 45 to 70lbs (20-32kg) and females weigh around 45 to 60lb (20-27kg).

They typically are about 15in (38cm) high. The American Kennel Club states that in order for a Poodle to compete they must be move than15in in height from the highest point of their shoulder. Dogs that are below this number simply are not allowed to participate.

Typically these dogs are used as show dogs, Poodle Grooming will require that their fur be groomed to a more square shape. When used for this purpose, they require extensive styling.

As Standard Poodles don't really shed that badly, their fur needs to be trimmed. Their fur is usually cut or clipped every six to eight weeks and they must be washed once every week to every two weeks.

Handlers usually check Your Dogs Ears for any signs of Ear Mites, infection, or ear wax. They will also remove any hair growing inside the ear to help improve the appearance of the dog.

Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth will also be done to remove any unsightly remains of food and plaque.

Owners are able to choose from a variety of standard poodle clips. However, there are only three types of clips the poodle is able to have when in the conformation ring.

The Standard Puppy clip is one of the easier clips you can do to your dog. The AKC allows dogs to have this style if they are under one year old.

The puppy clip is a basic cut where handlers keep the fur trimmed with the only requirement being a pom-pom at the end of the tail.

If the dog is older than one, then he is allowed to receive two different types of hairstyles. The Continental clip or the English Saddle Trim. The Continental clip has the rear legs/thighs shaved leaving only a pom-pom on the dog's ankles/feet.

The fur on the hips are a bit thinner than the rest of the body and the tail also has a pom-pom on it. From the stomach to the chest the fur is trimmed to a somewhat of a rounded square. The fur on the head is proofed up and the ears are shaped like a rectangle.

The dog's forearms are also shaved, like the thighs, and also have pom-poms on the front ankles. The English Saddle is similar, but the only thing is different is that the hair on the hips is a bit grown out and the fur on the thighs is shaped like a ball. Their ears are more of a triangle shape as well.

The type of fur the standard poodle has makes it prefect for those who are allergic to dogs. Their fur is actually considered hair, which is a typically a term only used for humans.

Most Standards are only one color. The solid color poodles are the only ones that are allowed to compete.

Poodles come in many colors including, white, Black Standard, blue, silver, brown, red, and cream.

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