Standard Poodles Information

When people think about Standard Poodles, they think of them as show dogs.

In modern times they are heavily used for this purpose, but when they were originally created, they were used as gun dogs or water workers. They were often used as retrievers and they were bred to be hard working dogs.

It certainly doesn't represent this, as many people believe it to be a pampered and spoiled dog. This is mostly due to the population seeing this dog compete in dog shows and the lack of these dogs' presence in a lot of hunting and agility shows.

In fact, they are very good at both, yet many owners simply prefer to groom and showcase them instead. Standard poodles are the second most intelligent dogs in the world, with the Border Collie being the first.

As standard poodles were wildly used as retrievers, breeders tried to create a moisture-resistant coat to help them become better Swimmers.

They were able to achieve this purpose through selective breeding and it is now known that the poodles' ancestors were amazing swimmers. Their fur style was a lot more hydrodynamic so that they could swim faster in the water, a style that is different from what is often seen in show dogs.

Poodle Dogs have a curly coat, but this coat is almost prefect for those who are allergic to dogs, as they do not shed.

In turn, this requires regular combing and Poodle Grooming. Poodles usually need to be bathed around once every week to once every two weeks depending on how much dirt gets on them.

White poodles need to be bathed more frequently than that, as the white coat tends to pick up more visible dirt than a Black Standard Poodle or a red poodle. Dogs also need to be trimmed about every six to eight weeks to help keep their coat manageable.

Bathing the dog is probably the most important step because if it is not properly done, it can lead to skin problems. Though, there is not much to worry about, as some Dog First Aid knowledge will surely fix your dog right up. If you notice your dog having dry skin, you know that there is something wrong with the bathing routine.

The best way to bathe your Poodle Dog Breed is in your bathtub and not in the garden.

Having a pump garden spray makes the process a lot easier for you. Put 50/50 shampoo and water in the container and spray it evenly over your dog. This even distribution of shampoo will make it a lot easier to wash it out later and prevent it from getting stuck in the dog's fur, which can cause skin problems.

Rinse and blow dry your dog. You do not need to blow dry your dog if his hair is cut really short. Though, if his hair is a bit long, then it is important to blow dry and not air dry.

Air drying will let your dog's hair get very curly and can become tangled.

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