Stop Your Dog From Barking

How to stop your dog from barking is easier than many owners think. Probably one of the easiest of ways is to purchase an anti barking collar. A dog barking collar is super easy to set up so you don't have to be an expert to do it. Even if you buy your collar and it doesn't come with an instructional booklet, you'll still be able to manage without the help of anybody else.

An anti barking collar is best for owners in a bind. If they find out that their new dog is barking the moment they leave their house or if this is a newly developed habit, then purchasing a collar might be the choice for them. Owners that live in small apartments and have a barking dog can be extremely bothersome for some of their next-door neighbors, and they might even find themselves faced with eviction notices. When problems like this come up, using the collar will quickly get rid of these bad habits within one or two days.

There are other ways to stop your dog from barking that do not require the use of an anti bark collar, especially if the dog is barking right in front of you. It should be mentioned that if your dog starts to bark the moment you leave the house, as mentioned above, then this is when the anti bark collar will help you out the most. Dogs usually bark when the owners are away because they feel like they're not loved. Try spending more time with your dog, inside and outside of the house, to see if the barking decreases before you go off and purchase a collar.

The first step to stop your dog from barking is to try and replace his habit with something positive or something you would like instead. Trying to completely remove something that your dog naturally does is incredibly hard, but if you replace the behavior or praise a different behavior more than the other, you will see a change in pattern. For example, you want to let your dog know that barking at certain things is bad, but barking at other things is good. Barking at strangers is good and depending on your preference, barking when you come home or barking when they're hungry is bad.

If your dog starts to bark when he is hungry, you want to exclaim “no” and smack him on the nose. Then you want to quickly divert this energy to having him roll over, sit down, or give you a handshake. Follow his bad behavior with something you want to see happen. This is usually an action or a command of some kind. When your dog has done this command, give him a treat, and then follow it with what he wanted in the first place. In this case, it would be his mealtime.

In cases where you can't follow it up with what he wanted, then that's okay. For example, this would not work well with your pet if he were barking at a cat or a squirrel. What you would do in this situation is to follow the sets mentioned above, but instead of giving him what he wanted at the end, extend that with giving him more attention. Take him for a walk around the house, away from the scene, or walk him outside when the animal has disappeared.

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