Symptoms were overlooked,
it led to death.

by Gail David

My 5 year old female Dachshund, Daphne had begin to drink a lot of water and lose weight.

This went on for a month or more, thinking it was due to a slight reduction in her daily food, I thought she was okay because she did not act different until it was too late.

She had blood work done for teeth cleaning and later I discovered some of the values were out of the norm, but I was not educated in such a way to know that myself.

The vet was told that my dog was losing weight too quickly and drinking a lot more water.

The vet said it was due to enlarged tonsils and kept her on antibiotics and sent her home.

That weekend she began barking during the night and getting up to drink and pee.

During the day she would eat, then hide under the furniture, not like her at all.

First thing Monday morning, back to the vet, where she was diagnosed with pancreatitis, which turned necrotizing by the next day, when she died.

The vet tried right away to begin feeding my dog the day she went into her clinic to 'get better'.

She did not isolate Daphne, nor did she put her on IV until the day of her death.

Please, when you feel something is not right, DO NOT trust anything except your own instincts!

Do not be afraid you will offend the vet if you have a gut reaction that something is terribly wrong.

Act on your instinct, get your animal to another vet.

My dog obviously had diabetes, I told the vet I thought she did have it, and she said , "No, if she had anything seriously wrong, it would have shown up on the pre-anesthesia panel!"

A week later, my little girl was dead, at age 5, died alone and in pain.

Check out your vet, go to your state board of vet health, and see if your vet is board certified, check up on them.

Its too late for my little Daphne, I learned a real hard lesson.

Sincerely, Gail David, Woodward,Oklahoma

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