5 guidelines that you must follow when teaching your puppy new things

teaching your puppy to learn and to behave. Below are 5 important guidelines for you to follow.

1. Be brief: If a child has a short attention span then you can imagine how short a puppy’s attention span is!

Your puppy can only learn things while paying attention to you.

If you are teaching your puppy new things repeatedly while she is mentally tired and physically un-rested, then you will not see the results you desire.

Be brief when putting your pup through a training activity, then move on.

2. Be gentle: Your new puppy is extremely sensitive and cannot handle anything too emotionally or psychologically stressful.

Although learning things takes place quickly, fears are also picked up from being trained too rough.

And if fears are picked up easily then this can inhibit the puppy’s learning ability. Be nice, yet firm.

3. Be patient: Expecting overnight results will get you frustrated and probably cause teaching your pup training to loose focus, thus creating for bad feelings within the puppy.

Relax and know that these things take time.

Puppies will learn in spurts.

They also go through lapses of memory.

For example, one day while teaching your pup he may know an activity inside and out, and then the next day forget it entirely.

This is normal.

Simply be patient when it comes to the training.

4. Keep things as simple as possible: Teaching your dog in a simple step-by-step manner is the best way to go. In fact all puppies learn best that way.

Given an easy step-by-step approach, to teaching your dog it will learn its activities at a faster rate and with more enjoyment.

5. Always build confidence: Confidence is the heart of every healthy adult dog and it all starts with building confidence in your new pup.

And it is not hard to do.

All you need is to spend as much positive time teaching your puppy as you can. This in itself will go along way in building self confidence. Try not to always be in training mode.

Step back at times.

Sometimes just sit with your dog, play with him, let him roll around on you while you are having fun.

Let him know you are his friend.

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