Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Information

If you plan on adopting a Yorky then you will come across the Teacup Yorkshire Terrier variety. A Teacup is definitely worth the trouble but you have to be careful and watch out for them because of their size.

Some breeders and pet stores will try to convince you that the teacup is an entirely different breed from the regular Yorkshire Terrier and many may even try to charge you sky high prices for these tiny little creatures.

However the teacup Yorkshire terrier is very much the same Yorkshire Terrier Breed as that of the regular Yorkshire Terrier and is a result of breeding of dogs that have somehow remained small in size. These dogs have now gained so much popularity that people are spending thousands of dollars for the breeding of this variety.

The teacup Yorkshire terrier is a adorable pet and because of their miniature size they could have some problems you should know about due to many different reasons such as:

  • Generally under 3 pounds the teacup Yorkshire can easily be a victim of variety of accidents where larger dogs or animals may step on them or even because of the mishandling by humans.
  • They are extremely fragile as mentioned above and a tiny fall or slight mishandling can seriously injure this breed of dogs. Hence they are not suited to living with young children. The underdevelopment of the teacups organs creates some Yorkshire Terrier Health issues also.
  • Dental issues are a major consequence of this type of dog. Their small size causes the baby puppy teeth to not fall out and can be the cause for tartar to collect thus leading to a series of dental problems for the teacup.
  • Teacups have a very tiny bladder and they have to frequently empty so it is very difficult to leave them home alone.
  • Even feeding is a challenge, as the most easily digestible and easily consumed Dog Food needs to be fed to this variety. Teacups need to be fed at regular intervals at least 4-5 times a day. This is sometimes difficult and a big responsibility as the food fed is specially made for this variety.
  • Teacups have the problem of low blood sugar level, as they are a hyper variety they tend to exhaust themselves easily and so regular food at short intervals is necessary to keep them fit and running.
  • The female of the species struggles sometimes at the time of delivery due to her small size.

Thus all the above reasons along with the necessary Yorkshire Terrier Grooming and care easily indicate that owning these adorable cute pets is a big task and many might not be able to shoulder so many responsibilities because of busy schedules.

So it is completely up to you to decide whether taking up so many responsibilities is worth having a tiny, cute and adorable dog in your purse?

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