The Meatball Mishap

by Mrs. Gail David
(Rural Woodward,Oklahoma)

Quite a few years back, we had a little white male poodle named BabyCakes.

Needless to say Baby was the most amazing and smartest dog in the world, or to us at least. I am writing this so others can learn what not to do in a certain situation involving a meatball and a small dog.

Baby loved to sneak tidbits under the table and knew how to go about getting his way. One evening we were having pasta and meatballs and Baby loved pasta and meatballs. I was chatting away with the husband and without thinking twice, handed a meatball down to my little dog.

I didn't notice any activity or sounds until there came a horrible thumbing and scuffling from under the table. Baby had gotten the meat ball lodged in his little throat, from swallowing it whole!

He was giving it one last valiant try to get his breath, and I'm sure, our attention! A little compression did nothing to help him! I was frantic. I only had seconds to do something so whatever it was that took over, I guess it was the right thing to do, as

Baby went on to live to the ripe old age of 15. I kept Baby Cakes lying on his side and stuck my skinny finger down along the inside of his throat as deep as I could reach.....was actually able to snag that meatball and pull it out! I think the little dog may have helped me a little, I think he was trying to throw the meatball too, and the two of together were successful.

It took him only a few minutes to get his bearings, but it did him no good from that point on to beg from anyone's plate. His future meatballs, and they were few anyhow....were mashed up for him. Try to not get distracted from safety by their crafty and cute little begging techniques.

Remember they are just animals when it comes to meat, they are carnivores and are not going to think of safety either. Baby Cakes was the most amazing little guy I have ever had the pleasure of owning, they broke the mold with that one. I am eternally grateful for having known him.

Thank you,
Mrs. Gail David

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