by Donna Reed
(Indianapolis, Indiana )

Hi, I'm Mozzy and I'm a very smart dog with a lot of talent. I'm very loving and I love to play fetch.

Put me with a group of kids playing basketball and watch me get the ball and run the court, It's fun having the kids chase me!

I'm also a great fishing partner and I can also speak. I know hand signals and I'm a great watchdog.

My owners think I have a great talent that I should explore more.

I will let me human mom tell you about it.

Hello, my name is Donna and I'm Mozzy's human mom and owner. I believe Mozzy has the ability to do Search and Rescue work because when I take her fishing she go's to the middle of a pond or even a lake and she will dive to the bottom and grab whatever is there.

Like a huge tree branch with her mouth then she will dog paddle it out backwards like as if she was saving a person. Mozzy is a very special dog and I like to know if anyone know of a free life saving search and rescue program that we can participate in?

We live in the Indianapolis Indiana Area.

God bless to all.

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