Tillie and Sadie

by Dr. Joan Manahan
(New Jersey)

I adopted Sadie, the beagle mix, in 2008. I decided she needed a playmate so took Sadie to all the shelters to pick out another dog.

She sniffed and walked away from four prospects, but immediately started playing with Tillie, the lab mix, who joined the household in January of 2010 from the Allendale rescue group. They let me foster Tillie for a week to make sure the two dogs would be harmonious.

Near the end of the week they were playing and suddenly both stopped to rest. Tillie crawled up to Sadie, put her paw over Sadie's paw, and licked her on the face. I knew then they loved each other. They love each other and me. We are now one big happy family.

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