Toilet Training A Dog

Toilet Training A Dog is one the most important skills for any dog to know, especially if they are living inside your house.

For a New Puppy owner who has never had to train a dog before it can be nerving trying to teach your dog something new.

Depending on the age of the dog it can greatly vary when he or she will fully learn how to be housebroken. It can take anywhere from three months to a year for them to be 100% accurate.

Not all dogs that have been to the shelter or have been rescued are housebroken; in fact you might even have gotten an older dog that has always lived outside of the house. In this case, Dog Housetraining can take a little longer than anticipated and you will find some messes along the way. The important thing to remember when toilet training a dog is to be positive with him or her.

The basic idea is that you take your dog outside and put him or her in a selected corner of the yard for him or her to do their business in. It is best to do this right after they have finished eating.

They will not understand what you want them to do right away and they sometimes will not go until a couple of hours later. In these first stages it is not necessary training to get them to poop outside, but trying to make them understand and realize a pattern. You want them to make the connection that every time you feed him, it means he gets to go outside immediately after.

It is easier to teach an older dog something new, than trying to undo a bad behavior. So if he is defecating inside the house, you want to make sure he knows this is wrong, but you want to try and make him learn that he should go outside first.

Once he knows that he should go outside, it is easier to completely stop him from doing it inside. Teach him an alternative before trying to completely remove his old habit.

This is very important when toilet training a dog, be sure to eliminate the scent of urine or feces in the house. Dogs have a fairly good sense of smell and it is more than likely your dog will go to that spot first instead of the yard. Using a deodorizing cleaning solution to help get rid of the smell on your carpet or floor is the best way to tackle the problem.

Keep in mind that you should have treats at hand for every time he goes outside and to keep a positive tone of voice. Dogs like to be praised and to please their masters. They also find food a great incentive to do something new or constantly.

You can choose to have a command for when you want them to go, but this is optional. 'Potty' or whatever the command is, should be said in the very beginning while he is doing his business so that he can associate that action with that command.

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