Toilet Training A Puppy

Toilet Training a Puppy is a simple process that almost all dog owners go through.

Puppy Housetraining is not impossible to do.

You should probably start house breaking your New Puppy as soon as they start eating whole kibble.

This is one of the easiest times to Housetrain A Dog. It can take roughly three months for your puppy to be completely house broken.

Find a spot in your yard that you want your puppies to go to automatically when they have to go. Be sure to keep this area clean as many puppies do not like to go in a dirty spot and will start to look for other places in the yard to do their business in.

You can easily put them in this 'bathroom' spot and let them sniff around, if there is another dog scent there, they will most likely re-mark their territory.

Some puppies will show signs that they need to go while they are in the house, like sniff around, circle the floor, or start to whimper. Some puppies simply go when they have to go without any warning. Be sure to firmly tell them this is unacceptable behavior from the very moment it happens, this means constant supervision is necessary.

Be sure to clean up the evidence as soon as it happens and to remove any odor, this is incredibility important because if puppies smell urine there, they will be more likely to go in that spot again.

Start toilet training a puppy one at a time and do not train the rest all at once. Because this can lead to confusion and it is hard to praise or punish several dogs at the same time. While toilet training a puppy, you should give him or her a treat every time they go and to praise him extensively.

Puppies like to be pampered and like to know what they are doing is good. Be sure to convey that using the toilet in your house is unacceptable and should not be done.

You will get messes here and there, but you will soon notice that all of your puppies will be properly house-broken in a couple of months. Here are some Housetraining Tips that might help.

Puppies are likely to go right after they have finished eating. Be sure to take your puppy outside and wait for him or her to go. You can use a command of some kind like 'go potty' when they are peeing. You should say 'go potty' while he is peeing so that you slowly get your puppy to recognize that this command means to use the toilet.

Soon they will understand what 'go potty' means and he will go whenever you speak the command. Make sure to give them a treat right after they have gone and to praise them. If you have more than one puppy it is important that you do this training to each and every puppy you have.

It can be tiring, but it will lead to a cleaner household in the long run.

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