Toilet Training Your Puppy

Toilet Training Your Puppy is easier than it may sound.

Since puppies are still at the young learning age, it is quite easy to get him to go outside instead of inside. They have not yet learned any bad habits so this is the ideal time to teach them.

Be sure not to waste any time Toilet Training a New Puppy during these stages.

Owners can sometimes get distracted while they are playing with their New Puppy and not work on any Puppy Housetraining. This is a problem because it means that your dog has been developing bad habits throughout this period.

Be sure that no matter how cute your puppy is, that you are always updating him. Keep his mind active and constantly teach him new things while you two live your new life together.

To begin toilet training your puppy, be sure to feed him first thing in the morning at a certain time. Take him outside right after he has eaten and just wait for him to go. Pamper him and praise him by giving him treats and rewarding him with positive tones after he has finished.

This greatly helps them achieve what you want them to without a fuss. You do not have to force your dog in anyway, just let him do his thing and be patient. Not all dogs go right after they have eaten, not a first at least, so keep this in mind if you realize he will not pee anytime soon.

This step is the most important step, this is teaching him that outside is the place to do his businesss. Keep it up and be consistent about it. Feed him at the same time every day and take him out right after he has finished.

Do not get distracted from this routine, it can become very boring to do this after a couple of weeks, but this is the only way the dog is going to learn.

Keep Dog Housetraining and do not give up. Giving up means that you will have accepted that your dog is going to make a mess in your house and that there is nothing you can do about it.

Do not make this mistake; no dog owner has time to constantly clean up urine and feces in their own home. This makes for an unpleasant living environment for pets and people alike.

Expect messes in the house during these first months of Dog Toilet Training. It is best to catch your dog in the act, but it not all owners are capable of doing this 100%.

Whenever you spot a mess on your carpet, take your dog to it and firmly tell him 'no'. Make it very clear to him that this is unacceptable behavior in the house.

Remember your dog will not learn over night. It can take anywhere from three months to a year for a dog to become fully trained with no messes in the house.

Keep these practices up and make sure that you are still feeding your puppy treats about a year to two after he has been fully trained.

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