Toy Yorkshire Terrier

The Toy Yorkshire Terrier, there is a very strong demand for this very small breed of dog and people are willing to pay more and more for the tiniest dog.

What people do not realize is that this tiny breed is also susceptible to health issues and will require regular visits to the vet in order to survive a few years.

The Yorkshire Terrier Breed is among the top 5 most popular breeds in America, despite this breeders and sellers in order to make money have convinced a lot of people about the existence of the toy and Teacup Yorkshire Terrier.

Actually both these breeds do not exist and the dogs only fall under the Yorkshire terrier breed name. These are just inventions of breeders and pet stores owners to attain more money for these tiny dogs.

If in the breed of dogs a dog is unable to attain full size and remains only half the size of the standard American kennel club ratio then the AKC trademark these dogs as that of the Toy or Teacup variety.

This is not just the case with the Yorkshire Terrier but also an issue with almost all other breeds like the Jack Russell, keeshonds and beagles.

In the toy Yorkshire terrier variety or the teacup this variety of dogs only grow to the size of 2-4 pounds in adult stage. The already tiny size of Yorkshire terriers is not enough for people today and they wish to have dogs even smaller, hence the rising demand of these tiny toy dogs.

It is assumed that the tinier the dog the cuter and more adorable it is. This is just plain bad as people fail to realize the consequences of owning such tiny dogs. Fragile skeleton and bad Yorkshire Terrier Health conditions are the most common problems with these tiny toy dogs, if properly not cared for the life expectancy of these animals is also very limited.

Another problem with purchasing of this toy dog is that one can never be guaranteed that the dog will only remain that size forever. Cases have been observed where a toy Yorkshire terrier and teacup Yorkshire terriers, which just weighed 2-4 pounds after a certain period gained enough weight to reach a ten pound, limit, which is even more than the AKC ratio.

The AKC also does not recognize a Yorkshire Terrier that weighs more than the 7 pound limit. But this does not mean that the dog is not purebred. They just happen to possess a growth spurt, which is activated after a certain time period. This is also true with respect to humans.

Hence it is important that people not be affected by such marketing gimmicks of Toy Yorkshire terriers and end up getting ripped off from dog breeders. Selecting a healthy Yorkshire terrier should be ones priority and not based on the size of it.

So don’t fall for such marketing strategies, get yourself a healthy purebred dog from your breeder that will not only be an excellent pet but will also be ideal companion for you.

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