Some Training A Beagle Information

New beagle owners might be wondering how to go about training a beagle.

Beagle Training is a lot easier than one might think, despite the Beagle Dogs being known for their stubbornness when it comes to training. They have also been noted as one of the hardest breeds to train, but these statements should not discourage you from developing an obedient dog.

These simple Beagle Facts mean that you need to focus on the dog and be a little more patient with him than you would with a German Shepherd or a Poodle, for example.

These dogs are extremely friendly, playful, and gentle dogs, so be sure to work with their Beagle Personality as you train them.

Friendly dogs tend to be happy when you're paying attention to them. If you have more than one Beagle, it is important that you train one of them at a time. The other dogs should not be present during this training process.

One on one training is the best because your dog is able to focus on your body language without any distractions. So when you sit your beagle down for a training lesson or when you go to the park to train, be sure there isn't any other Dogs for your beagle to play with.

When it comes to training a beagle, be sure you have treats at hand. Treats are an important process to learning new things. You want to look for treats either in puppy size or in a comfortable bite sizes. If you're dog takes longer than 5 seconds to chew his treat, you know what you're feeding him is too much in quantity or size.

Be patient with your beagle as you train him. Figure out a command you want your dog to recognize with an action. No matter what you do, do not change this command as it can greatly confuse the dog. You want to show your dog this command and follow it by the verbal instruction (like 'Sit!').

Your dog will not understand what you're trying to do at first, so manually put him into a sit and praise him for doing so. Praising him both verbally and with food will help get you where you need to be.

Once you got the movement down, it is just trial and error until your dog gets it. As beagles are playful, you probably only want to do a 30 minute session at first, let them play, and then continue Training your Beagle either after their play time or later in the day.

It should be noted that you should never train your beagle if he is overly hyper. You want him calm and focused with your actions. If you feel your dog is simply not focusing on what you have to say, then let him run around and catch a ball for an hour or so before you start training a beagle.

Be patient and keep consistent. Find a time around your schedule to train him and continue to keep this routine up without fail. You will soon have a very capable and obedient beagle dog.

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