Training A Border Collie

Training a Border Collie is probably one of the easiest breeds to train.

They are bred to be hard and dedicated workers so incorporating some discipline into their lifestyle is a walk in a park. They are quite happy with being taught something new and if you have some food as an incentive, it really gets them to obey faster.

Training Border Collies should be really simple if you follow these methods. You must understand that it is necessary to keep up Dog Training every day as your dog might become forgetful.

When training, remember to keep it fun and to give your dog constant breaks so that they spend some of that accumulated energy. As Border Collies tend to have a lot of spirit in them, it can be hard to have them sit down and focus if they haven't spent some of that extra energy.

These dogs are fairly intelligent and if you have had any experience-training dogs before, you'll know that the Border Collie will usually learn in half the time as other breeds.

However, since they are really quick learners you must make sure you are teaching them correctly and to try and prevent teaching them any mistakes early on. This might be harder for the first time trainer as you and your dog are both learning.

Typically if a Border Collie learns something bad or learns that it can get away with a certain move, they will be reluctant to change their ways.

They can be really stubborn and they might even understand the command, but have no desire to do it until you become forceful. There should be no need for extreme violence when Training A Dog.

It is necessary when training a Border Collie to either (gently) smack them when they are acting stubborn or to use a choke collar. As they are smart dogs, they can sometimes be lazy and will figure out when the owner minds and doesn't mind.

When you are outside training your dog, it is important to carry enough treats and water for them. It should also be warned that if you are in an area known for its poisonous plants or venomous animals that you should carry a Dog First Aid Kit just in case he/she has eaten something nasty.

When giving your dog treats, you should only give it to him/she if he/she has completed a task successfully. Do not give a Border Collie a treat just because he looks cute.

This is very counter effective with this sort of breed. Make sure the treats you give him are small enough for him to chew. You might want to break the treat in half in order to achieve this purpose. The dog should never have to stop and chew a treat for longer than 2 seconds.

Important tip: Remember whenever you are training a dog, you have to be consistent. Dogs need to be taught consistent behavior or else they will start to slip and become disobedient.

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