Some Training Beagle Information

Training beagle breeds to hunt is probably one of the easiest things you can do with a dog.

You see, beagles have been bred from the start to be the perfect hunting dogs – they're quick and agile, they're small enough to get into tight, confined spaces, they have an extraordinarily well developed sense of smell, and they're extremely intelligent.

All of these combine to form the perfect Hunting Beagles package, all wrapped up in a furry little ball.

Saying that Beagle Dogs are natural hunters isn't an exaggeration. If you take a Beagle out onto a hunting ground and give him a whiff of a wild rabbit, he'll immediately take off on the scent without any previous Beagle Training. Fine tuning that instinctive nature is where the work comes in, but even that isn't very hard.

As a person training beagle breeds, you'll need several things.

First, you have to be patient with the dogs. They can stay on a scent for hours, even after the rabbit has gone to ground. If they lose a scent, they have to be literally pulled off the trail so that they don't spend the next day trying to pick it up again.

You have to recognize the fine balance between letting the dog do its thing and knowing when to call it a day and call him off the scent. Much of your Training A Beagle is going to be based around getting the beagle to come when you call him. They're tenacious little creatures and the biggest triumph is going to be getting your beagle to come back to you every time you call, even when he's on a hot scent.

Second, a Dog First Aid Kit is a must. Depending on where you are hunting, thorns and briar patches can leave dozens of scratches all over your beagle. When a beagle picks up a scent, nothing will get in his way.

He'll charge head first into a thorn bush if there's a rabbit on the other side. You need to be adequately prepared to treat small wounds. Luckily, beagles aren't very susceptible to most of the common types of Dog Diseases.

They generally live long, healthy lives as long as they are allowed to get enough Regular Exercise For Your Dog. Training beagle dogs is a fun and rewarding experience for both you and the beagle. Remember, when he's hunting he's not working – he's playing.

When it comes to the finer details, one thing that you should be careful with is letting a new beagle hunt solely with your normal pack of hunting dogs. This is a great way for him to pick up on the techniques and learn how to hunt, but a lot of beagles start to use this as a crutch, making them useless as solo dogs.

It's a good idea to start out with training beagle dogs on their own, and then introduce them to the pack once they've already learned what to do. These tips should help get your started on your training.

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