Training Border Collies In Agility

Training Border Collies in agility is an absolute necessity if they are not able to herd sheep constantly.

Border Collies need physical and mental stimulation and cannot remain stagnant in the house.

These dogs are super energetic and can be quite rough when they have not had any attention in a while. They can start to playfully bite your hands or to accidentally knock things down in excitement. Border Collie Agility Training is quite easy as they are very fast learners.

The important step is to be consistent, if you are not consistent; your dog will end up confused and could develop some very bad habits. When Training Border Collies in agility you need to observe your dog constantly and make sure he is not getting sloppy.

You need to quickly rule our bad behavior early on in the Dog Obedience and Agility Training stages. Owners or handlers who allow dogs to not perform Dog Agility Training Obstacles properly and think they can correct the behavior later are wrong.

Dogs have a harder time undoing something they have already been praised to learn. This can seriously cut back on Dog Training For Agility. No doubt it is a learning process for both trainer and dog, but if you are aware that your dog is performing a task semi-correctly, then work with him till he gets it down 100% right and do not just leave it for praise.

During the Dog Agility Training process you will be able to learn more about your dog's mental and physical abilities. Agility Training requires a lot of training, repetition, and patience. Border Collies are often glad to be doing something over and over, but when your practice exceeds the dog's limits they can become tired and not perform at their optimal speed. Keep this in mind when Training Your Dog; always give your dog a break.

When you train excessively make sure you have a break from Training Your Dog For Agility, you can alternate with an active day like going on a walk or playing ball for the day.

Practicing with your dog one hour a day or twice a day for thirty minutes also helps ease the repetitiveness. You want to keep the sport fun for your dog, even if you plan on competing.

Excessive training can also wear down your Dogs Health. A healthy dog is essential for a successful agility course run. Border Collies have been known to get Dog Hip Dysplasia, a genetic disease where the dog has been born with abnormal hips.

This disease cannot always be spotted when they are born, in fact, extensive exercise can make the disease worse. Dogs that start to show stiffness in their hind legs, or having trouble getting up should Visit Your Veterinarian immediately.

Talk to your vet about any Dog First Aid you should know or how to look out for other starting disease Dog Symptoms.

Changing your dog's diet can also help him perform faster and better, sometimes dogs just simply are not getting the right nutrients for an optimum performance.

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