Tender Training Your
Greyhound Dog

When you are training your Greyhound dog you will find that they are lightening fast learners.

This particular breed of dog will surprise you with how much they can learn and at extremely obedient levels.

First you must realize that the old fashioned days of training your Greyhound dog by force are far from productive.

Greyhounds are very responsive to training, so long as only the gentlest of techniques are used.

You don't even have to run your dog though an Dog Obedience Training school if you are the proud owner of a Greyhound.

Of course, if you can find a training class that understands the gentle, sensitive nature of these dogs, then attending the school can only be an asset.

Finding such a class that trains in a soft fashion may prove to be difficult, because most are designed to deal with rough and out-of-control disobedient dogs, and not high quality breeds like the Greyhounds that are eager to learn. The methods they use are forceful and with lots of repetition designed to dominate and calm the dogs.

These types of training protocols are not good for Greyhounds and if you cannot find a trainer to match your needs then you are better off training your Greyhound on your own.

You will be pleased to know that training your Greyhound will differ from training other dog types because of their genetics.

For example, it is normal for most dog owners to train their pets to overcome aggression.

Greyhounds on the other hand, have very little aggression in their bloodline and the time spent getting them used to people and other dogs without fear is minimal.

Another key point to know that may help you understand a lack of fear that Greyhounds possess is their history.

Greyhounds are natural built race dogs in which increases their tendency to be brave.

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