Treat Kennel Cough

Learning how to treat kennel cough is one of the most important bits of dog first aid knowledge you can have.

This is an extremely widespread disease that can affect your dog without any warning. Even though many cases begin inside kennels and other crowded places, your dog can still pick it up in any other situation.

Even sniffing a park bench that an infected dog has recently sneezed on can infect your dog with kennel cough, so knowing how to treat it is an extremely useful skill to have.

The first step when you want to treat kennel cough is to take as many preventative measures as possible. Since you know that kennels are often unchecked breeding grounds for this disease, giving your dog some prevention medicine both before and directly after taking him to a boarding kennel can do a lot to boost his immune system to allow him to fight the infection more effectively.

When it comes to boosting the immune system, nothing works better than garlic.

Garlic is a well-known potent antifungal, antibiotic, and antiviral, and contains plenty of nutrients to give your dog's immune system the extra push it needs.

It's important to mention that some dogs are actually allergic to garlic, and when they are even low doses of garlic can be toxic. Before performing any type of home remedy for kennel cough or trying to treat kennel cough on your own, talk to your vet to get his opinion about some various methods.

Even if he doesn't know any home remedies for kennel cough or personally approve of them, he might be able to direct you to someone else who does know enough about them to offer an informed opinion.

It's also important to get allergy tests done on your dog.

In the event that your dog is allergic to garlic, you can start treating him up to a week before sending him off to the kennel.

Put the garlic, either fresh or in capsules, into his dog food at each meal. It's not going to hurt him, and as soon as he gets used to the taste he won't have any problem wolfing it down meal after meal.

If your dog simply won't eat the capsules, you can make garlic gravy to spread over his normal food that he will most likely love.

Take two cups of either chicken or beef broth and put it in a blender along with some boiled vegetables and three or four cloves of fresh garlic. Blend it all together until it's the same consistency and then simply ladle it into your dog's food bowl.

After you bring your dog home from the kennel, you should repeat all of the same procedures again for another week, starting the very same day you bring the dog home.

If your dog still develops symptoms of kennel cough, you can treat kennel cough by adding a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to his water bowl. This should knock out the virus in just a few days.

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