Do You Have A Tri Color
Border Collie?

A Tri Color Border Collie is very popular but the black and white might be the most common color.

Typically the most common colors in a tri color are brown, black, and white. The red, tan, and white color is also quite common among these breeds.

You can actually see some tri color collies with red merle, blue merle, lilac, Australian red, and gold but these colors are far less common. Even rarer are the collies that posse’s only one coat.

Along with different color coats, they also contain different eye colors. Typically Border Collies contain a dark brown eye color, but some are known to have a lighter hazel color to blue eyes. Sometimes they will have alternating eye colors as well just like a Siberian husky's eyes.

Usually the look of the dog has no benefits and is merely considered superficial. A tri color border collie is just as smart as a black and white one vs a solid color one. However, many handlers and sometimes farmers will not take in a white Border Collie because the sheep might not take the dog as seriously. This is simply a superstition as a white dog is very capable of herding sheep and preforming other sports such as agility training with their colored comrades.

The same goes with any Dog Health issues. Typically the color of the dog will not have any difference to being more susceptible or less so with diseases.

They will still be able to get epilepsy, Hip Dysplasia, eye anomaly, and other genetic conditions. It is always wise to have a small Dog First Aid Kit to help if these dogs have injured themselves in some way. You can carry one in your house and car as they typically are not that expensive to buy.

Old Hemp is considered to be the father of all border collies. In fact, if your dog is a true Border Collie, he will have some of Old Hemp's genes.

He was a tri colored dog, which probably explains why there are so many of these dogs in today's time. Old Hemp contained extremely little white on him and it mostly resided on his chest. His father was black and white, which seems to be the common color taken with the major Border Collie population. Old Hemp's mother was white and tan.

When Old Hemp was born, he took to an unusual way of herding sheep for the time. He was a far quieter dog than his other herding pals.

This style quickly developed into the Border Collie style you see in most collies today. Many were very impressed as to how quiet this dog could herd and many owners used him as a stud to try and gain his quiet qualities through his puppies.

He had roughly more than 200 children before he died at the age of 8.

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