What Type Of Puppy Should You Choose?

One of the main problems that occur between the type of puppy and its new owner is compatibility.

The owner might decide to get a specific breed of dog on a false pretense, usually based on what that specific breed looks like.

You may decide to pick a certain type of puppy because of its muscular built, what the face looks like, or the type of coat.

Later on, the owner realizes that his lifestyle and personality does not match with the dogs’ personality. Keep in mind that most dogs were bred for a specific reason. The reason, more often than not, has to do with the skill to work.

The attributes and instincts that best fit that working skill are still passed on through today due to the purebreds’ expected and set genes.

For example, a person who hates to groom should not pick a shaggy Old English Sheep type of puppy; or someone who’s laid-back might pick a resolute Chow.

If you work at your home, then you might want to think twice on getting a Norwegian Elk hound.

This type of pup has it in his genes to bark constantly when cornering a moose.

Chances are he’ll bark incessantly at the slightest sight and sound.

Maybe you should consider a quiet Mastiff instead.

If you love gardening, and thinking about owning a Fox Terrier, remember that this type of dog was bred to dig.

So don’t be surprise if he starts digging in your flower beds.

He can’t help it.

It’s in his genes.

Maybe look into getting a Pekingese instead.

You need to decide what type of pup fits into your personality and lifestyle, as well as attributes and personalities of the dog.

This is done by evaluating certain factors.

Below are two factors to consider.

Size: Most people think that small dogs are either more cuddly or easily trained compared to large dogs.

They may also think that large dogs are more protective or friendly compare to small dogs.

These aren’t necessarily true.

All types of personalities can be found with all sizes of dog breed.

Experience: You have to determine your experience on owning a dog.

Do you think you are prepared to own a breed that is more tough and aggressive?

Some breeds of dogs are better suited for experienced owners while other breeds are more appropriate for novice owners.

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