Vascular Ring Anomaly Information

Vascular ring anomaly is a rather unfortunate disease where it constrains the esophagus.

This causes fetal blood vessels to get stuck in the dog's body - normally, these are reabsorbed when the puppy is very young. The dog is not fully able to flush their body of toxins and will have 'leftovers' in their blood system. Typically this occurs with the persistent right aortic arch accidentally traps any vessels passing through the esophagus.

When it is trapped, this constricts movement and reduces normal flow. If nothing is done, the esophagus will continue to grow and get stretched. This will cause another condition called megaesophagus and will result in another array of dog health problems.

Since dogs with this condition are unable to completely flush out their body, they will start to vomit up undigested food. This is only one of the causes of vomiting in dogs.

No matter what you feed them, they will have to regurgitate it up as the body simply thinks it can not handle any more food. The body believes it is full constantly even though your dog will begin to look like it is starving, skinny, and malnourished.

Dogs who have this condition for a long time are more likely to accidentally inhale food. As they are unable to comfortably eat, your dog will find other means to fill himself up. Inhaling food in turn causes another condition to arise called aspiration pneumonia.

Typically this disease is commonly present among new puppies rather than adults. This is because vascular ring anomaly is a genetic condition and many dogs are born with it.

In strays it is likely that these puppies will die long before they are even capable of reaching adulthood. This does not mean that older dogs are immune to this disease, they too can develop it, but typically if it occurs at an older age their condition will not be as life threatening as that of a puppy.

As this disease is genetic, other breeds living in the same household will not have vascular ring anomaly. It is not a contagious disease.

The best way to solve the problem is for your dog to undergo surgery. However, this option can typically be very expensive and performing it on puppies is not recommended. Puppies who are malnourished will more than likely not be able to withstand the surgery. It is best to build up your puppies' strength and wait until they are older than one year before undergoing in surgery.

Before any attempt at surgery and to help build your dog's strength, your dog will have to drink a liquid meal four times a day in an up-right position. These liquid meals will greatly prevent food from getting trapped inside him.

It should be in an extremely liquidity form during the first two weeks. After this phase, you can begin feeding your dog smoothie or slush meals. It is best that you feed him the most nutritious kibble available. You will quickly see your puppy regain his strength and health.

It is important that you keep liquid feeding him for his entire life or until you get him the surgery to fix his persistent right aortic arch.

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