Weimaraner Colors are merely traits of beauty

If you are confused about the Weimaraner Colors that ae available in the market then it is best if you gain a complete knowledge regarding all the colors before making your choice.

When discussing the colors of the Weimaraner the first thing that comes to mind is the short grey coat. This Weimaraner color is the most predominant of all and can easily be found in almost all pet stores.

The grey coat of the Weimaraner Dog is quite popular and is the reason for the Dog Breed Weimaraner getting the name of Grey Ghost.

In the grey variety there are different shades of colors available that range from mousy to silver grey. The reason for the difference in shades is because of the different brown hues that undertone the grey coat.

Hence giving the dog a sepia appearance this color though quite common is certainly the most famous and desired variety of the Weimaraner Breed.

However the colors are not just limited to the grey and sepia tones. There is also another very beautiful coat color that one can see in Weimaraners.

This is the Blue Weimaraner which is rather rare and very attractive. Only seen in pictures this Weimaraner Breed is so rare that the chances of one seeing it are very little.

In this color the grey coat of the dog instead of it having brown hues has blue undertones hence giving it a gunmetal color appearance. Slate grey to gunmetal can be found in Blue Weimaraner Puppies.

Despite the high attractiveness and beauty of this dog, this color is not so desirable by most Weimaraner Breeders.

This is because some kennel clubs do not recognize this Weimaraner Breed as original purebred dogs and these dogs are banned from participating in any American kennel club competitions for purebred dog. The reason for this ban is that many believe this color of Weimaraner to have originated from a cross breeding with other varieties of dogs.

This is completely false as research has proved that the Weimaraner coat colors have alleles (genes) of both the blue and brown. So many organizations have been set up that are constantly fighting with kennel clubs in order to get the blue Weimaraner colors recognized as the pure breed dog.

Another very strong misconception that has been observed in people is that they believe the blue Weimaraners do not have a high resistance to diseases like Alopecia In Dogs , which is loss of hair.

However research and study has proved that the blue Weimaraners are no different from that of the grey with respect to the behavior, Weimaraner Health, and Weimaraner Temperament etc. the only difference is that of the Weimaraner colors of the coat.

So it is completely dependent on an individual which color of Weimaraner that you feel comfortable with, as the colors are merely traits of beauty.

Whether the Weimaraner color is that of blue or grey you can be guaranteed of all other important aspects like your dog’s obedience, intelligence and loving nature and hence the ultimate promise of a friend for life.

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