Weimaraner Health Important steps to ensure it

it is always advisable that you gain complete knowledge regarding Weimaraner Health before bringing your new pet home.

The most common ailments that affect the Weimaraner are Dog Hip Dysplasia and Bloat .

Hip dysplasia is a Dog Disease, which is quite common among large animals. The Weimaraner is a very large dog, which weighs up to 70 pounds when in adult stage.

Such large animals are very prone to the problem of hip dysplasia. The problem occurs because the femur in the head does not fit well into the hip joint socket, thus causing immense pain to the dog. This condition can also lead to lameness of the dog, as it would not be able to move because of such improper fitting.

The best way to ensure that hip dysplasia does not affect your Weimaraner Puppy is to get details regarding the Weimaraner Puppies sire and dam.

If the parent’s hips are aligned right the chances of the pup facing this problem is very rare. Most people get Weimaraner pups whose parents have been checked and registered by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

This tiny measure can ensure the right Weimaraner health of your pet. A puppy only after 20 months actually show signs of hip dysplasia hence if your Weimaraner Breeder gives you a guarantee up to 18 months then it is quite useless.

Another famous ailment that strikes the Weimaraner breed is the problem of bloat. Weimaraner Dogs are big and broad chested animals and the issue of bloat generally affects animals of this kind.

In this malady the problem occurs because of the distention of the stomach with gas. It is quite dangerous as it can even lead to the twisting of stomach causing the blockage of the intestine and esophagus a condition known as gastric torsion which is fatal among such animals.

The reason for the cause of this disease is yet to be known, but it believed that gulping of Dog Food or water can cause this malady. Another reason for this is believed to be vigorous exercise immediately before or after a heavy meal.

As Weimaraner dogs are quite energetic they are prone to rigorous exercise so it is important that pet owners make sure that they do not provide meals with short intervals of exercise.

Food if served just twice everyday with precautions of Regular Exercise after or before one or two hours of the meal will ensure good Weimaraner health.

The common symptoms of bloat are panting, retching without puking, rolling in pain and pawing as the abdomen. If at all you notice any of these Dog Symptoms make sure you rush your dog immediately to a vet for medical support. The only cure for bloat is an surgery and is almost always a must in this case.

These are the common diseases that affect the Weimaraner health however there are a few other maladies that can affect your dog so it is best that you get a complete knowledge from your breeder before picking your puppy.

The Dog Diseases to check include hypertrophic osteodystrophy, von Willebrand’s disease, wobbler syndrome which affects the spinal cord, Dog Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia and entropion.

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