Weimaraner Information

Some Weimaraner Information is a must for all those who wish to adopt this amazing and wonderful dog.

The most important thing to understand that a Weimaraner does not suit well to a sedentary lifestyle, hence if you are one who does not have enough time to spend with your pet then you are better off with other breeds like Pit Bull or a Labrador Retriever.

The Weimaraner Breed requires plenty of Regular Exercise and room for movement. These animals are quite large and weighing up to 70 pounds so they need a good amount of space to live.

The nature and instinct of the Weimaraner Breed is very protective and they are also known to be great attention seekers, as they do not perform well if left alone for any period of time.

A symptom known as separation anxiety generally develops in animals of this species if left alone. Despite having a very protective nature the Weimaraner Dogs are not very social and do not react well with other animals.

Like mentioned earlier they are great attention seekers and hence perform best when away from the influence of other canine animals. However this does not mean that a Weimaraner Dog is not a family dog. It is quite loving and faithful and if trained well at a very young age in the task of proper socialization then can easily survive with other canine animals.

The Dog Breed Weimaraner has majestic strength because of its huge size even as a Weimaraner Puppy they can easily knock down young children while playing so it is best advised that you do not train your Weimaraner Puppies if you have kids at home.

The Weimaraner Breed are quite athletic hence are perfect companions for those in guarding occupations. Not only are they excellent for hunting and originally this breed of dog was used for this very purpose in Germany. Their strength is so vast that they can easily hunt big game like boar, deer and bears.

Important Weimaraner information includes the following.

  • Size - these dogs are very large in size and in the adult stage can weigh from 50- 70 pounds depending on sex. Between the shoulders they stand to a height of about 22-27 inches. The females are always smaller.
  • Health - The Weimaraner may have certain in born health issues like bleeding maladies, Dog Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia and gastric torsion. There are also many other Dog Diseases that can effect your Weimaraner so it is best you gain complete knowledge regarding all Weimaraner Health issues and the measures to overcome them.
  • Grooming - of this breed is very simple as generally they have a very soft and smooth short coat that only requires brushing in order to distribute the oils on the skin and make it shine. A lot of people also use chamois in order to make the coat all the more lustrous. There are also the Long Hair Weimaraner and the Long Haired Weimaraner that will need more attention if you own one. Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth at least twice a week to avoid cavities and other diseases, which rarely effect weimaraners.
  • Life span - of Weimaraner is about 10-12 years if taken proper care of with right medical and nutritional diet.

Therefore all the above mentioned Weimaraner information will provide you a clear idea regarding the pet you are about to bring home.

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