Weimaraner Information

A Weimaraner is a very famous breed of dog that can commonly be seen in many households of America.

The reason for the increased popularity of this breed is because of its highly protective, loving and obedient nature. The breed is a complete family dog. Easy to groom and maintain the weimaraner has gained immense popularity in the recent times.

Originally from Germany the canine was used as a hunting variety. Its majestic strength and huge size when coupled with its intelligence makes the weimaraner perfect for hunting and protection.

The Germans were quite fond of this breed and not until many years later did they allow the commercialization of the breed in other countries, and why should it not be so the Dog Breed is a breed of dog that is excellent in all spheres of protection and companionship.

They weigh around 50 to 70 pounds depending on the sex and stand to a shoulder width of 25 to 29 inches. The female of the species is always smaller.

The breed is quite energetic and hence if you wish to adopt this pet you must ensure that it gets enough Regular Exercise.

Normally people who have work related to outdoors generally adopt this pet. Camping and hunting can never be so enjoyable without the presence of your Weimaraner.

Possessing a very keen instinct of direction this pet of yours is ideal companion of the forest. Not only that its huge size also gives it an added bonus in providing protection from wild animals.

The nature of the Breed is quite protective and in his or her presence one need not fear.

A (Weim) is very attached to its master and because of this attachment will not react well to being left alone. This is one drawback with this pet, as one has to constantly be in company of their dog.

If the dog is left alone for any period of time he or she may feel unwanted or unloved and may develop symptoms of separation anxiety, which may further lead to aggressive behavior. Hence it is quite clear that these dogs are great attention seekers and should never be left alone.

If one is able to overlook this one drawback then this pet is the best of its kind. Faithful, loving and extremely obedient, if taken proper care of one will definitely be guaranteed a friend for life.

Today one can easily find this breed of dog with almost all Breeders in all parts of the country. Available in such a wide range of Colors the Breed Information is quite beautiful to look at.

Steel grey to mousy brown and at times even a gunmetal Blue coat color makes these animals very attractive.

Generally a short coat, which is easy to maintain, makes these animals a favorite pet of many in North America. However now one can also see Long Hair and the Long Haired variety of this breed, generally found in cooler areas this breed is not recognized as a pure bred in America.

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Weimaraner to more information about the breed

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