What are your Puppies worth?

by Danny & Laura

Once upon a time there was a little boy. He decided to make his mark in life as an entrepreneur selling puppies. His dog just gave birth to six little puppies, so the little boy put the week-old puppies in a box and went door-to-door trying to sell his puppies.

After knocking at a door, a man answered and said, "What are you doing with the box of puppies?"

The little boy replied, "I'm selling these puppies. They are wonderful puppies."

"What kind of puppies are they?" the man asked.

"These are Fortune 500 puppies. The best you can buy. They are only $2 each."

The little boy was quite convincing. But the man replied, "No way am I buying those Fortune 500 puppies for $2 each. They don't even have their eyes open yet."

Two months later the man answered his door to find the same little boy attempting to sell the same puppies. The man said, "I see you are still trying to sell your puppies. They've grown quite a bit. How much would you charge me for the puppies?"

The little boy replied, "$200 each."

"$200 each!" yelled the man. "These are the same puppies you tried to sell me two months ago. Why are they so expensive now?"

The boy answered, "Well, they are no longer Fortune 500 puppies. They are network marketing puppies because their eyes are open now."

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