Whiskers my PomChi

by Veronica Craig
(Phoenix, AZ USA)

One day I had gone into a circle K that's a convenient store and the clerk had asked me if I wanted a puppy, I was shocked that she had picked me out of the other patrons in the store, I told her I first had to see the puppy.

Well when I had got to her house to see the puppy I wasn't to sure if I even wanted the puppy, when I set my eyes on him as they brought him out of the house I knew right then and there I wanted him and once he was in my arms he was there to stay I thanked the clerk and put him in my van he didn't want to sit anywhere but on my lap and in my jacket, at the time he was small enough to crawl into my jacket down into my armpit and stay there for the journey home.

That was back in Feb of 2013 and he was about 4 months old is what the clerk had told me, now here it is Oct of 2013, he is almost a year old and we call him whiskers he's not like any ordinary PomChi he looks like he's got Jack Russell Terrier in him but he doesn't, his mother is full blooded long hair Pomeranian and his father is a short haired Chihuahua,his body is long and he's got long and short hair, his white hair is long that sticks up and his short hair is the tan color which is short and lays down, his sibling's did not turn out like him at all. As you can see by his picture he is one of a kind.
Whisker's follows me around the house,the yard, the garage, and everywhere else I go, you can tell he's my baby.

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