Yorkshire Terrier Breed the Tiniest Little Doggies

The Yorkshire terrier breed is one of the most popular breeds of dogs.

According to the AKC it is right after the Labrador Retriever this breed of dog is indeed one the most popular dogs in America. The reason for this increasing popularity is due to its tiny size and amazing coat hair, which gives it a very cuddly and cute appearance.

Women all around the world prefer to have a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier or a Toy Yorkshire Terrier as they are easy to carry in a purse under the arm and also look like a very cute companion to have.

Found in a variety of coat colors of that of tan, brown, blue and black this is the best feature of this breed. Tufts of long strands of hair give this dog a very cute appearance and hence the reason for their popularity.

The coat color in this breed changes with the transaction from Yorkshire Terrier Puppy hood to adult stage. Usually a tan or a blue coat is what is noticed at the adult stage.

But this was not the reason for them being famous in the18th century when they were first bred. A cross of different breeds the Yorkshire terrier breed was first used as a hunter for catching and killing mice and rats in cloth mills and mine shafts.

Even then this breed was very famous because of its excellent hunting instinct and small size. Because of its tiny size and curious nature it could easily slip down small holes and tunnels made by the rats.

The Yorkshire Terrier is characteristically a breed of very tiny dogs perhaps the tiniest of all. They weigh just about 5-7 pounds in average and this is the maximum weight limit of this breed in the AKC registration. However there are many exceptions also present where the dogs of this breed have grown to ten pounds. This does not mean that the dogs are not pure breed.

The temperament of this breed is generally very social. They are excellent pets for families as they react very well in the presence of children because of their playful nature. Also they are ideal in protecting their owners as they have a protective instinct, which is quite strong.

However there is one flaw in their character and that is they think too highly of themselves. This leads to common mistakes of sizing an opponent. A Yorkshire Terrier can easily pick a fight or provoke a dog or animal that is much larger than itself. Hence one has to be very careful with regard to this trait of the Yorkshire terrier breed.

They are also great attention seekers and do not react well to the presence of other dogs. However many people do not just have one yorkie pet. So it can lead to problem of regular fighting between your pets if you do not give them the care and concern they need.

The Yorkshire terrier breed is excellent for living in apartment lifestyle, as it does not require much room. This does not mean that they are lazy, in fact they are a very hyperactive breed but one that can easily find engagement even in a limited space.

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