Yorkshire Terrier Grooming Information

Do you own a Yorkshire terrier and are confused about Yorkshire terrier grooming?

Then here are some steps that should be kept in mind when grooming your adorable and cute pet. The Yorkshire Terrier Breed is most well known for its small size and amazing coat of hair.

This coat of hair gives the dog a very fluffy and cuddly look that can get even the pickiest of people attracted to them. But in order for the Yorkshire Terrier to maintain its cute and adorable look Daily Dog Grooming is important to them and in the right manner.

As mentioned above the most beautiful and precious element of this breed of dog is its fluffy coat, which is made up of long hair. Their hair can either be tan, brown or black and can easily get tangled due to its length. Hence the first step in Yorkshire terrier grooming is keeping the coat tangle free.

Most people do the mistake of trying to clear tangles after giving the dog a bath, this only further leads to the tangles being more unmanageable and also may be the cause for dirt particles to get trapped in the coat. So it is important to brush the dog with a wide metal brush almost every second day if not daily.

The Yorkshire Terrier dog has a coat in which hair follicles grow at an almost alarming rate hence owners may even be required to take their dogs for trimming especially the hair on the head which can be quite troublesome in the task of Yorkshire Terrier Training. However there are also many people who hold the hair back by the use of bands and other clips, which give the dog an even prettier appearance.

The next step in grooming is bathing the dog, as Yorkshire terriers are very playful in nature they tend to get extremely dirty and hence they may require a bath almost everyday. Care should be taken that proper dog shampoo is used, as human hair shampoo can at times be harmful to the dog.

Along with this many people also use special dog conditioner in order to give the coat a soft and smooth feel. However care should be taken that the chemicals are properly rinsed from the coat, as they can be the cause for a few allergies.

Clipping Your Dogs Nails once a week and Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth are other important measures that must not be forgotten.

As Yorkshire Terrier Health information reveals that the dogs are prone to dental issues it is essential that a proper pet brush be used regularly. Cleaning Your Dogs Ears is also a very important task and should be done with cotton balls and a cleanser. Many people use Q tips for the purpose of cleaning but this can be harmful to your dog.

A regular Visit to Your Veterinarian should also be included with the above Yorkshire grooming tips and will definitely ensure that your Yorkshire Terrier Puppy stays healthy and looks just as cute and adorable as ever.

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