Yorkshire Terrier Health Information

Being the tiniest breed in dogs the Yorkshire terrier health concerns are many.

Yorkies are found to have very delicate health issues that can easily be overlooked in larger breeds like Weimaraners that can bring about fatal consequences in the Yorkshire Terrier.

Hence if you plan to adopt this cuddly and cute pet then make sure that you are ready to tackle all the Yorkshire terrier health concerns.

The common problems faced by this tiny breed of dogs is either hereditary or due to the infection of various microorganism and parasites.

The ailments that the yorkie is most prone to are discussed below.

  • Hereditary Yorkshire Terrier health concerns are many. They are highly susceptible to Dog Diseases, which can be sent down from a series of generations of breeding. Ailments like luxating patella, the absence of pivotal region leading to the damage of the spine, tracheal collapse, and malformed hepatic portal vein are just a few to mention. The best way to avoid such problems is to check the breeding of the Yorkshire Terrier Puppy before adoption.
  • Yorkshire Terrier Information reveals that the Yorkshire Terrier Puppies of this breed are highly prone to the issue of diarrhea caused by infection in the intestines. The microscopic parasite by the name of Coccidian is responsible for this infection and this at times can also affect the adults of the Yorkshire Terrier Breed. Acute dehydration is also a problem that can be faced by this breed of dogs and this disease can also be fatal.
  • Apart from the above Yorkshire Terriers also face the added problem of skin issues. If regular care and Yorkshire Terrier Grooming is not provided it can lead to development of different allergies and the infestation of parasites and microbial germs.
  • Low blood sugar is also a major issue in this breed of dogs, because of their small size and hyper nature they are prone to loosing lots of energy hence it is essential that care be taken to provide regular meals to your pet yorkie.
  • Cushing’s disease and dental problems are other maladies that can affect this breed. So a regular Visit to Your Veterinarian and proper grooming like that of Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth is essential to maintain the good health and long life of your dog. If taken proper care of a Yorkshire terrier puppy will definitely have a long life of at least 15 years.
  • Another important thing to be kept in mind is the curious nature of Yorkshire dogs. This curious nature may cause major Yorkshire terrier health concerns if proper steps are not taken. Daily household articles like that of bleach, mothballs, peach pits, plants and chocolate are Dog Poisons. Even a single lick of substance like chocolate can be fatal for this loving dog of yours. Hence one must take active steps to Dog Proof Your Home and keep it safe for your pet.

Housing a Yorkshire terrier is like having a tiny baby at home. So if you are ready to provide that much care and love to your dog only then make the decision of adopting this adorable and cute pet.

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