Yorkshire Terrier Information

Here is some important Yorkshire terrier information you should know if you intend to own a dog of this breed.

Relative to its size Yorkshire terriers are dogs that have quite a few needs. The Yorkshire Terrier Breed though small has many elements that make it the most perfect pet but there are 5 important steps in Yorkshire information that you must have knowledge of before taking this major decision.

  • Yorkshire Terrier Grooming - the most important fact of all is that these cute little dogs require regular and proper grooming. The coat of the Yorkshire has many long strands of hair and maintenance of them takes quite some time. Removing tangles may take quite some time if your dog is left long without grooming. So brushing the coat is essential at least three times a week. Along with this regular clipping of Your Dogs Nails and hair is also important. Hence it is quite clear that there is extensive grooming required when it comes to owning a Yorkshire Terrier.
  • Yorkshire Terrier Health - information on health is some must have knowledge. This breed of dog does not have many health issues and can easily live for a span of 15 years but it is essential that proper care be taken. Because of its tiny size the Yorkshire Terrier is prone to getting hurt from falling or rough handling. So families with very children should avoid having this breed for a pet. Apart from this the major problem Yorkshires have is Dog Dental problems, however this can easily be prevented if your yorkie is given dry Dog Food to build strength. Along with a regular Visit to Your Veterinarian is essential for your Yorkshire to have a long and healthy life.
  • Regular Exercise For Your Dog - every dog needs exercise to keep them healthy and fit. However as Yorkshires are small and very busy and active animals one does not need to worry a lot about their exercise as they can easily be busy within your house. However when you take them out for walks, make sure you keep a watch on them as they are likely to chase other animals due to their hunting instincts.
  • Yorkshire Terrier Training - Yorkshires are very smart animals and can easily learn new things hence training them should be very easy. If this is what you feel then you’re highly mistaken, as despite being intelligent this breed is also quite stubborn. This does not mean your pet Yorkshire is not devoted to you, it is just that they tend to avoid training so if you wish to train then you must give it a lot of time and attention.
  • Behavior- Yorkshires despite being very tiny are a breed that is highly fearless. This can be both good and bad for the owner as your Yorkshire will definitely protect you at all costs and in this they are prone to picking fights with animals much larger than their size. So you have to be very patient and must have a strict control of your dog if you intend to protect it from harm.

By the way did you know that there are also to smaller Yorkies?

The Teacup Yorkshire Terrier and the Toy Yorkshire Terrier.

The above mentioned Yorkshire terrier information will definitely give you an idea if this breed is the best for you and if your answer is a yes then you are free to get your Yorkshire Terrier Puppy or Yorkshire Terrier Puppies from the breeder of your choice.

We hope this Yorkshire Terrier information was helpful.

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