Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Information

Because of their very small size Yorkshire terrier puppies are prone to a variety of problems and before bringing this gorgeous little friend home you must make sure that you Dog Proof Your Home and make it safe for your pet.

The first thing that comes to mind when adopting a pet is finding space for it. Normally pets like dogs require quite a large space for movement but as the Yorkshire Terrier Puppy is so tiny it can easily live in an apartment. However it is important that one takes active steps in making your home Yorkshire Terrier friendly.

Yorkshires are very inquisitive and curious by nature and you will definitely find them inspecting tiny holes and small spaces in your home. This inquisitive nature of Yorkshire Terriers actually made them quite useful in the 18th century where they were first used to hunt rats and mice in cloth mills and mine shafts. Hence the curious nature of your dog is the first thing to be careful about. It is necessary that you keep all cabinets with harmful chemicals and substances out of reach of your puppy.

Out of all substances the most dangerous Dog Poisons are simple ones that can be found in almost all homes.

Household Poisons include:

In the Kitchen Typical household poisons found in the kitchen include caustic drain and oven cleaners, sink and counter cleaners, and window cleaners.

In the Bathroom The bathroom is full of dangerous items: medications, toilet and sink/tub cleaners, soaps, shampoos, rubbing alcohol, and contact lens solutions.

In the Laundry Room Household poisons in the laundry room include bleach, detergents and fabric softeners.

In the Workshop The workshop is home to many household poisons, including paints, varnishes and other finishes, hand cleaners, paint thinners and other petroleum distillates.

In the Garage Household poisons in the garage include antifreeze, oil, gasoline, brake and transmission fluid, rock salt or salt substitutes for icy sidewalks, and lawn and garden chemicals, including fertilizers and pesticides.

There are also Lawn and Garden Poisons and Toxic Foods like chocolate.

Hence it is important to take active steps to dog proof your house to prevent your new Yorkshire terrier puppies from getting into this stuff. Also be prepared to keep a constant watch on your pet when these substances are around.

After the first three days of bringing your New Puppy home make sure you Visit Your Veterinarian in order to solve any health issues from the very beginning. Another major thing to be kept in mind is to have regular checkups. It is always advisable to find a vet close to your home, as it would be helpful at the time of emergencies.

You should also learn some basic Dog First Aid and keep some detailed Yorkshire Terrier Information regarding your pet’s health just in case.

Most of the time the health of your Yorkshire Terrier is very easy to maintain, as they do not face major health problems except a few dental issues.

Once you bring your Yorkshire terrier puppies home make sure you provide them with the Dog Food that the breeder was using. After two weeks if you wish to change the food, then you can do so by gradually mixing the dog food until your pet is used to the new kind of food.

Yorkshire terriers are lovely pets, which are very intelligent and loving. They are the perfect family dogs and react very well to the presence of children. Their playful nature along with beautiful looks has made the Yorkshire terriers one the most popular pets in America.

The best way to ensure their safety is by following the guidelines from this Yorkshire terrier puppy information.

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