Yorkshire Terrier Information

The Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular breeds of dog in America.

According to the AKC this breed of dog has been among the top three breeds of dogs for many years. Because of its tiny size and cute fluffy coat the Yorkie today is among the most popular breed with women.

Women prefer to carry a Teacup Yorkshire or a Toy Yorkshire in their purse and under their arms. However the Yorkshire is not just a toy it is a perfect guardian in addition to being adorably cute.

Yorkies were first found in England, in the 18th century where they originated by inbreeding of many different breeds of dogs. The people encouraged this breed as because of this tiny size and their amazing hunting instincts this breed was capable of hunting rats and mice in cloth mills and mine shafts.

The Yorkshire Breed is one of the tiniest of all breeds of dogs as they only weigh up to 7 pounds and is measured around 9 inches at the withers. However despite being so small certain dogs of this breed do not grow to even this size.

The increasing popularity of the Yorkie is because of its fluffy hairy coat, which gives it a very cute appearance. Long strands of blue or tan can be found on the coat of an adult dog. However the Yorkshire Puppy is generally born with darker coat colors of that of black and brown which become lighter with age.

The Yorkshire Grooming and care of this tiny breed is very meticulous a task as the dog is very playful by nature and hence has a tendency to get very dirty. Also the long hair on the coat can get tangled very easily and so requires regular brushing.

If you are a person who loves to spend time with their pet caring and grooming them then this is definitely the dog for you. People at times use bows and bands to keep the hair on their dog’s head from falling into their eyes. This makes them look even cuter and while there are others who prefer to clip the hair. Clipping should never be done for Yorkshire terrier puppy as it has an effect on the growth of the hair. Normally the puppy is full grown by the age of 10 months and clipping can be done from then.

The health of a Yorkshire is not as good as that of other larger breeds like Labrador Retrievers because of their small size and playful nature they have a tendency to get hurt.

So a pet owner is required to take extreme care of this breed. However when properly cared for this breed of dog has a long life span of about 15 years. Dental issues are one sector that all yorkie breed owners must be careful about. Dry Dog Food must be provided to the dogs, as it will help in providing strength to their teeth.

The Yorkshire terrier is the most lovable breed that is also very protective of its master. They have a tendency to believe that they are the best of animals and as they are much attached to their master they do not react well to being left alone. Hence they are the perfect family dogs through and through.

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