You just never know when it could be one close to you that you will need to save with CPR

by Pamela
(Riverbank CA.)

My boy Griffy at play

My boy Griffy at play

It's good to know first aid for people and animals. You just never know when it could be one close to you that you, will need to save. In that moment you'll be glad you took the time from your busy schedule to learn.

My last child is my Australian cattle dog mixed and he brings me much joy and is so good tempered. I has taught first aid through the red cross in the past so I had somewhat of a background of what to do when my boy Griffy had begun to choke on a bone he found outside I knew the hiemliech maneuver would be necessary ,however I wasn't completely sure on how to do it because their body structure is different from ours so I gave it my best guess, I had my friend doing it while I quickly got on the net to find out how. I found your site and my best guess was right, It was three quick thrust below the rib cage, almost holding the dog upside down by hind quarters.

I'm so thankful My boy Griffy is now okay I was in an awful panic when knowledge kicked in and took over, I did not even want to begin to think about losing My boy. I'm also so grateful that your site was so easily and quickly found (you know how hard it can be to find something on the net at times) and this was no time to need to wade though programs. The fright I got has also given me the desire to learn all I can now about first aid for dogs. Thank you for being such a wonderful site. It 'causes me to ponder just how many lives have been saved because of it.

Thank You for the amount of knowledge you are willing to share its so greatly appropriated.

Dog Cpr

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