Your Dogs Eyes Need
A Daily Check

Most grooming issues related to your dogs eyes focus (no pun intended) on appearance.

Dogs with white or light-colored coats can develop dark tear stains beneath their eyes, which can detract from their looks.

Tear stains happen when eye secretions run down your dog's hair, staining it. These secretions have pigments called porphyrins in them.

The pigments cause the reddish-brown or even blackish color of the "gunk" that gathers in the corner of the eye, and they're what cause tear stains.

If you think your dogs eyes are tearing more than they should, have your vet check him out.

He may have closed-off tear ducts or any of a number of other illnesses or conditions that are causing his eyes to produce a lot of tears, or restrict them from draining tears.

If you see him rubbing his eyes a lot, he may be suffering from pollen, food or mold allergies.

Have him checked out to determine the cause and a treatment.

Check Your Dogs Eyes Daily

Tear stains should be clear, or a dark reddish-brown. If you see any yellow or greenish-yellow color, then there is likely some infection.

Call your vet to determine if your dog should be checked out.

If the tear stains appear normal, wiping them off two or three times a day will give your dog a better appearance.

You can purchase wipes for this purpose from a pet store or online.

Be sure not to get any of the cleaner in his eyes. They sting and can irritate his eyes.

Rinsing the eyes with sterile saline solution may also help.

Washing the eyes with the saline solution will flush out some of these secretions before they darken. Wipe them off and your dog will soon lose his teary-eyed look.

One other thing you can do to prevent eye irritation and possible infection is to trim any long hair that might get into the dogs eyes.

If he's a breed whose hair hangs over the face, he may end up with eye irritation from hairs rubbing against the cornea.

A daily check will let you know if he needs a quick trim.

Be alert to any signs of infection. Caught early, infections can be treated before they cause more serious eye conditions.

He'll look lovingly on you for it.

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