Benefits Of Using A Crate With Your Pit Bull Dog

Your Pit Bull can use a dog crate as a useful and popular piece of training equipment.

You can use it either as a dog bed or a training tool.

Although some dog owners, especially novice dog owners, think that the idea of putting their dog in a crate is cruel and ruthless, using a crate is in fact a great way to provide security for your Pit Bull puppy, especially during his first few days in your new home.

Placing your puppy inside a crate in an open area of your house allows him to investigate his new environment without having to run into potential danger.

Think of the crate as the dog equivalent of a baby’s crib.

It is a great place for him to take naps and breaks.

It is also an ideal place for you to leave your Pit Bull puppy without having to worry about him getting hurt.

Never think of a crate as a place for punishment or a storage box for your puppy when you are done playing with him.

He should be able to associate the crate as a place of comfort and security, not as any form of negativity.

If you are thinking about getting a crate to leave your puppy in everyday for a long period of time, or if you are thinking about putting him in a crate while you are at work, then you might as well think twice about getting a dog.

Locking an intelligent and active creature in a crate for a long period of time, especially without any means for him to relieve himself, is a very cruel practice.

In addition, confining your puppy, particularly an active and sociable Pit Bull puppy, to a crate can lead to serious behavioral problems.

When using a crate for your puppy, place it in an area where he will not feel secluded from the rest of the family.

Placing him inside the crate on a soft sheet when he starts to fall asleep is a great way for him to associate the place as his sleeping quarters.

Putting his favorite toy or a chew bone inside will make him feel more comfortable and “at-home” as well.

Most crates come in either the wire form or one of several plastic varieties.

Wire crates, particularly the suitcase models, provide a better view and ventilation for your dog. Wire crates are easy to fold up and pack away for transportation or storage.

One known drawback of choosing a wire crate is that they can be drafty and do not offer the comfort and coziness that plastic crates provide.

Whatever type of crate you decide to get for your Pit Bull, make sure that it is large enough for him to stand up in but not too big for him to walk around in, or he will be inclined to use it as a bathroom.

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